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Ongoing. We campaign for service improvements at Pilning Railway Station - platform lighting, more stopping trains and the reinstatement of the footbridge to enable westbound travel.

January 2019. "Modest, Cost-Neutral - and Do-able!"
We presented a business case to GWR asking them to stop more Saturday trains at Pilning from May 2019. Because they can!  #AWAITINGRESULT

October 2018. Spare Footbridge, Anyone?
We hear Angel Road station in North London is closing in May 2019 when it's replaced by the new Meridian Water station nearby. This will make its footbridge redundant.....and as it spans overhead lines it would be the right height for Pilning. If you look at AllTheStation's video filmed there, it's pretty modern and all-steel, so hopefully it'd be relatively easy to dismantle, move and re-erect it. At present the two staircases face opposite ways, but one would imagine that could be changed pretty easily.      

(Update 24 January 2019) - Of 27 responses to the DfT consultation, 21 urged that the footbridge be dismantled and re-erected at Pilning station. Please read our press-release here: -


August 2018. We asked GWR to repeat last year's Sunday Special Service event, by stopping the Cardiff Central to Brighton service at Pilning on September the 2nd. Unfortunately, GWR's Special Events Team rejected our request . #FAIL

February - April 2018. From 6 January 2018, GWR replaced our increasingly-popular 13:34 service with one at 15:34. This is welcome in one way as it allows people two more hours in Bristol (or wherever else we are going) - but we had urged GWR to retain the 13:34 as well. This would enable Pilning passengers to make a later start to our journey than the 08:33, and crucially would allow visitors from elsewhere to arrive on the 13:34 and depart on the 15:34, maybe enjoying a lunchtime drink and a meal at the Plough Inn a few minutes' walk away.

GWR admitted that there was no actual timetabling reason why an extra call could not be provided. However, they are concerned that an extra stopping service would not generate enough interest among passengers, thus making GWR lose any profit they may (or not) be making on Pilning station already.

We are campaigning to get the 13:34 stop restored at the next timetable change - if you agree, please email  #ROLLEDOVER

August 2017. We asked GWR to stop a Sunday Special Service (Cardiff Central to Brighton) at Pilning at 10:45 on August the 20th. The event proved very popular, as the extra service attracted more passengers than the station's previous year's footfall.  #SUCCESS

July 2017 - March 2018. We created Pilning Challenges to encourage more passengers to have an adventure and explore the area. The passenger footfall figured doubled year-on-year! #SUCCESS

In May 2017 Pilning suddenly disappeared from the "stations column" of the GWR timetables, giving the impression that it had closed completely and that there was no longer a station between Patchway and Severn Tunnel Junction. The only reference to Pilning in the whole booklet was in a couple of obscure footnotes in very small print - this made it virtually impossible to see which trains called at the station, and indeed it appeared as if the station had closed altogether. A campaign was duly launched to get the station back on the map and shown properly in the timetable.

Whilst Pilning went AWOL in GWR's booklets, Pilning Station Group created our own Pilning Journey Planners and (with GWR's permission) distributed them at Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple Meads stations. In May 2018 we were delighted to see Pilning Station back on the map and back in the timetables!  #SUCCESS

November 2016 - March 2017. We promoted Pilning station to local residents, hoping to raise awareness of the station's potential, and increase the passenger numbers to get Pilning out of the 10 least used stations. #SUCCESS