Please note that the Pilning Grand Slam challenge is currently suspended, as the 13:34 is no longer scheduled to stop at Pilning. From January 2018, it was replaced with the 15:34 stop, thus giving an opportunity to Pilning passengers to compete in Pilning Scramble. 

#PilningGrandSlam is the ultimate timetable challenge and epic railway relay. Pilning to Pilning using a minimum of FOUR different Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and several trains.

Click on each set of rules below when you start planning your journey, to find out what reward it will classify for. Then take the train and claim the glory! It's THAT simple :)

Click on the tickets below to read the full set of rules.

#PilningGrandSlam documentary from the One and Only @coriniumtv
Season 1 (2017), Episodes 1 - 5