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Pilning Station Passenger Count

This year we have set another ambitious but achievable target. Travel to or from Pilning by train, and watch the dial swing to the right...

We did it! Our count says that in the period between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019 we reached 88.4% of the target. An excellent effort from all Pilning passengers - it put us firmly in the green (don't forget that only 90% of the scheduled train actually stopped at Pilning in the same period of time)!

Read more about our Passenger Numbers Methodology

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The Railway Adventures by Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall

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Office of Rail and Road published the Annual Station Usage statistics on 11 December 2018. Pilning has shot up from the 3rd least-used station in 2016 to the respectable 2525th place in the charts (out of the total of 2559). There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are no longer in the bottom 10 (or even 30)! 


ORR Stats

Let's do some Maths here...

The year-on-year increase in the passenger numbers in 2017 was 400%
The year-on-year increase in 2018 was 107.8%
The increase in 2018 compared to 2016 was 939%
From 2016 to 2018 the passenger numbers increased on average by 222% per year

The ever-enterprising Pilning Station User Group have released a new song and video online to mark the second anniversary of their footbridge being demolished in November 2016. The song is a rewrite of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's song "Imagine", and includes lines like ("Imagine there's a footbridge / And platform lighting too"). It follows-on from last year's anniversary song, which reworked Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U". Thanking you all for your contributions :)

Comments on the song:

"How wonderful, what a fantastic video, and song. Thank you for sharing and I will indeed share with my colleagues." (a GWR colleague)

"Nothing compares to ... Pilning! " (Geoff Marshall, AllTheStations Project)

"Amazing. Great work." (Pilning Gamemaster)

"If this doesn’t make Network Rail put the footbridge, I [can't think] of anything else that would!" (a random panda)

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In Other News....

(17 December 2018) Tolls on the two Severn bridges that link England and Wales have been scrapped. There are no charges for cars and lorries driven between the south-west of England and Monmouthshire.

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(May 2018)

THE WAVE® BRISTOL IS ON! The contract with Wavegarden has been signed, and work starts on site. Congratulations to Nick and the Wave Team! A functioning railway station at Pilning could potentially bring hundreds of thousands visitors to the new surfing lake that is due to open, just a mile away from the station, in 2019.2018_TheWavejpg

(Feb 2018) Diamond Geezer visits.... PILNING!!!
Read their blog at http://piln.in/DG2018

(Jan 2018) Chappel and Wakes Colne station install solar lighting! Read the full story at http://piln.in/CWC

(Nov 2017) Remember, remember the 5th of November - one year since we lost our footbridge :(