Message to Jack Lopresti MP:Pilning Station – Plans for Future Investment

Message to Jack Lopresti MP:Pilning Station – Plans for Future Investment

Dear Jack,

We were greatly encouraged by the commitment to rail demonstrated by the Government’s announcement yesterday that HS2 is to go ahead.

The Prime Minister was absolutely right to say that this country is being held back by its inadequate infrastructure and that the transport revolution is local, because it must be local. He added that the government will unite and level up the country with local improvements. This is so relevant to Pilning!

He also said that the government is embarking on a massive programme of investment in local transport, and that there will be more details in the Budget.

In view of this, we are anxious to ensure that when the additional funding to support the Government’s ‘transport revolution’ is announced in the coming weeks (including the Budget in March), Pilning station will be included, especially taking into consideration the recent successes of the campaign to improve the station’s usefulness which demonstrate its unrealised potential. Our biggest win – and this is mainly due to all the work you have done asking the right people the right questions – is that Network Rail have finally admitted that a feasibility study needs to be conducted to define the station’s future. We are currently urging GWR and South Gloucestershire Council to give Network Rail the necessary go-ahead to carry out the initial study, now that Pilning has been earmarked in the JLPT4 as an area that requires transport infrastructure improvements.

I know that the businesses of Severnside support the Pilning case; they are currently contacting the people responsible for infrastructure to make sure everyone involved is aware of their support of the station and the importance of safeguarding the station’s future. But I am equally concerned that their message will arrive too late, and because of that Pilning will once again miss out on the current opportunities.

As you have always said, if Pilning were a fully functional station, it would bring a lot of benefits to our region. So please could you kindly send a note to the Secretary of State for Transport and the Minister for Rail, and ask them to take these issues into account and to include Pilning in their plans for future investment?

Thanks and regards,

Olga Taylor
Chair, Pilning Station Group