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The process: On the next page, we'll ask you to upload your images. Once you've done that, we'll give you the option to describe each picture you've uploaded, and let us know what we can see!


Privacy Notice - Summary

Only upload photographs which you have permission to upload. Please do not upload photos which contain personal information, or which show other individuals who have not consented to feature. Images where these items have been blurred out are welcomed.

Full details of Pilning Station Group (PSG)'s Privacy Policy, including your rights, can be found on this link.

The details collected here are the minimum required to provide you with this service. Any fields above marked "public", your photographs, and any descriptive details submitted on the following pages will be made available publicly on Twitter and on the Internet. You should only provide details you are comfortable with being made visible.

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Pilning Station Group reserves the right to modify the descriptive information prior to publication, and will approve (or deny!) submissions as required.