Parliament Petition to Reopen Platform 2

Parliament Petition to Reopen Platform 2

The Petition to reopen Pilning Station’s 2nd platform and make it a request stop closed early because of a General Election.

The petition was set up at the end of August 2019 and was due to run until 28 February 2020. Over 500 signatures from all over the country were collected in the first few days. We joked that should the petition raise over 100,000 signatures, the Parliament would have to debate Pilning’s parliamentary service!

During the time when the petition was open, Pilning Station Group received a letter of support from Jack Lopresti MP saying that he believes that Pilning is a neglected station with great potential and that it could be invaluable in facilitating commuting to the Severnside Enterprise Area, and also to allow tourists to travel to the new Wave facility in a sustainable manner.

We also went into an argument with GWR over their decision not to clear the new Hitachi Class 800 train sets to call at Pilning.

Thank you to all 763 fabulous people who signed the petition. Every signature contributed to the growing support to the station, which helped us to strengthen the case for Pilning station.

The Petition received signatures from all over the UK